Monday, September 17, 2007

Sport Eating

Stacey and I are good at eating at restaurants. We consider it a sport and put lots of thought into where we want to eat. Stacey is very serious about this and even has a special sweat suit she wears when she is researching and making dinner plans. She spends hours at the computer reading reviews and menus. Searching for the right restaurant is tough work and it’s important for us to get it right.

There is a lot to consider when looking for that “right” restaurant. You have to think about who you will be dining with and their likes and dislikes. We can get just about any style food in Atlanta and sometimes this just makes it a tougher decision. You have also got to consider budget, as well as variety in foods there is also a very wide variety in what you can spend. Also the wine list is something to think about, I need old world and some places don’t offer very much.

So this past weekend we needed a place to go with friends both Friday and Saturday nights. After much research, sometimes this is referring to notes on restaurant we have been to, we chose a couple. One we had been to before and another we had heard good things about for years.

The first was a french bistro in downtown Atlanta, we had been before and really enjoyed. Well there is not a lot of positive to say about dinner that night. Lets start with wine. They did not have any. THAT’S RIGHT THEY WERE OUT OF RED WINE! How in the hell does a restaurant run out of wine. I know how, it’s a cash flow problem, but it should not be my problem. The bad part is that Stacey spoke with restaurant twice the night we went, the last time being 7:45 and I bet the guy could have let us know then. We were lucky enough to have carried a bottle with us, but it took an act of congress to get the waitron to open it for us. Oh, he did have one bottle of wine available, it was $90 and he started to drop the price as the night went on, that was one of the strangest things I have experienced at a restaurant.

The food was o.k. The meat a couple of us ordered was not cook to order. One ask for medium, the other med-rare. Well they both came out as steak tartar, already sliced which made me think the chef seared one steak and split it between us. Then the waitron offered us desert and gave us five to choose from, one vanilla and four chocolate, we ordered two different chocolates only to be told by waitron after his return from the kitchen that only the vanilla was available. What the fuck? If I ran my business like this guy did I would be out of business, which I bet this guy is real soon.

Look I would like to tell you about the second, Saturday night disappointment, but I have gotten so mad writing about Friday night my head is about to explode. I will continue tomorrow.

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