Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Enough Already

Sorry about the rant’s lately. I’m tired of it as well and had a long talk with myself and I think I got through to myself. “Self ” I said, “shut-up and write something the people can enjoy”. So from now on expect more positive and less bitching.

The Saturday dinner was not really bad, just way over priced. That’s what gets me so mad, I blame myself. “Self ” I said ” You know better then that”. There are not a lot of restaurants in hotels that are worth dining at. Like I said the food was ok and the service was ok, but $115.00 for two people was to much for this level of food. Don’t get me wrong, we often spend $100-$125 for a meal and have no problem because it was worth it. But it’s been happening way to much lately and again, I blame myself. “Self ” I said ”I blame you”.

But like I said I am gonna be more positive and like my Mom always said, If you have got nothing nice to say shut the hell up.

Thanks Mom I will.

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