Thursday, June 16, 2011


As of late, this is whats been going on.

A friend sent us a couple cupons for a couple restaurants here in the metro area.

$100 at 3 SHEETS in Sandy Springs and $50 at Dogwood which is in between downtown Atl. and Midtown, Atl. We did em both last week, back to back cause time was of the esscence.

3 SHEETS is a night club in Sandy Springs. It was kinda of weird, but the food was good.

We had lamb Lolipops with a green sauce. We had a tenderloin steak.  We started with calamari and a plate of Chrizo sausage with grainy mustard. We got mac and cheese and egg rolls to go.
It was all pretty good. Best of all Stacey had a 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle. Just a short glass
of some of the best Bourbon in the world.
It's was a good night. Thx K.E.N.

Dogwood has been around a few years and they advertise a "GRITS BAR". No bar per se just a focus on grits and a grits tasting on the menu. We enjoyed, but it was a stuffy place and over priced. But, again thx K.E.N. (and has since closed)

We have also enoyed a couple of really good meals at MISO as of late. Tempura fried advacado.

Dumplings, bla, bla bla.

We also spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Lake Chickamauga, Tennessee. Our friends have a big ole fat house. Pier. Jet skis. Green Eggs. Big brains. Pork. Hot Dogs. Sliders. The need for speed, drinks and boat rides. You get the picture? FUN FUN FUN.

Jamey's Crawfish boil. The beer maker the shooter maker and the competition were all there. This was a fun day. Jamey lives a few doors away and this was his 6th annual boil. Tons of good food, jello shots and lots of neighbors.

Later that night we went to another party and got to catch up with a bunch of other friends we don't see much these days. It was real nice to see some folks we have not seen in 15 years or so.

As far as work goes, I am working on a big bunch of art for a new Wholefoods Market that will open around the first of July. Big job for me and big art. Today I worked on a painting 4' X 8'. It is a painting of a knife, fork and spoon. Like I said big job for me and I will post plenty of photos when done.

More later.