Friday, January 14, 2011

Still kickin

Stacey, aka Lil'Lady, keeps a calendar at work where she writes down what we do each week. Not a lot of detail, but the date, where, what and with whom. Since I have not been very good at posting blogs for the last few months I ask Lil Lady if she would send an email with what we have been up to for the last few months. I want to catch up and start posting a few times a week. I'm not sure too many folks read my blog regularly, but looking back on past post I realize how glad I am that I have written a lot over the last three years. It's a great way to look back and remember what we've been up to. I think I realized I'm writing for myself and Lil Lady most of all. I've keep journals for years and I now know this is just another journal. If others read and enjoy that's great, I love to share, but I'm writing no matter what. It's so much fun looking back at our busy lives. I look forward to 20 years down the road and looking back at all the fun we have had. And if you do read this blog you know we have fun. Whatever our short comings you can't say Lil Lady and I have not had a good time living life.

Now I need to decide if I want to go back and catch up. Do I want to go into detail about all we have done in the past three months or do I just want to touch on each event and move on to current events. These are some of the dates and things we have done lately.

9/10 = dinner at pratt and steve------ Pratt and Steve are our friends that live near us here in Atlanta. Our connections go back to Mobile. Stacey and I bought our house in Mobile from Pratts Mom and Dad. Over the years we have gotten to be good friends with all four. We see P and S a good bit here in the ATL. We eat at each others house and at restaurants often. They love to try new restaurants as much as we do. Further down this list you see we dined in Mobile with them. It's noted because P and S had a few bottles of special wine and want us to join them in cooking a meal to match the wines. It ended up we did it in Mobile at our cottage. It was fun, like I said we always have fun with Pratt and Steve.

So this is it for now. I have been stuck in this house for about a week now. It snowed very heavy and then with the temps staying below 30 all week it's been inpossible to drive. Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm getting out no matter what. Later I will touch on some of the things we have done on the list below. I will also try and stay current with my post.

9/11 = livingston for lunch, con fed of dunces
9/17 = party at feed store for peter leaving
9/25 = roller derby, pura vida dinner
10/7 = streak o lean
10/9 - dinner at keith and mikey
10/14= dinner at Muss Turner
10/16 = beekeeping class
10/17 - dinner at our house - butch, shawn, katie, marsha
10/23 = dinner in Mobile with Pratt and Steve - wine
11/6 - 11/9/ = san juan - jeff and emily wedding
11/10 - dinner at feed store for commercial
11/19 - dinner holman finch
11/20 - dinner rathburns
11/25 = thanksgiving in bham
12/1 - L3 party
12/7= tsh epgtc - walked to tavern for beers
12/4= high mus - salvadore
12/9 = dinner L3 peter/wife
12/17 = Jeffery 40th at Feed store
12/24-12/27 = Mobile Christmas