Friday, May 22, 2009


If you know me or read this blog you know where ever I go I eat. A large part on my travel is eating. That’s because I believe if you want to know the soul of a culture, of a place and it’s people you share their food. But you’re doing more then eating. You’re taking the time to get to know a person and their home land. People eat what they eat in different regions because of the evolution of that place. What is eaten in different places is whats available in those places. How food is prepared has much to do with place as well. Many places in the world have not had electricity, and all the appliances that come with it, for very long. Hence, they have developed different ways to preserve, prepare and serve food.


It may sound as if I’m all about eating. Actually I’m all about meeting people and if lucky, getting to know them a little. It might be a trip to Bangkok or a trip to the local Mexican grocery store, no matter where, I’m seeking food and I’m talking to the folks selling, cooking and serving it to me. I’m making friends and learning about their life. I collecting information on their town and it’s culture.

In Bangkok Stacey and I had some great food experiences. Some stuff we had never had before, some was familiar to us, but all came with a new face. We got to know a young lady named Pooh. Pooh is a native of Thailand and had spent a few years in Chicago studying under a sushi master named Isao. Once she had learned her craft and felt confident, she returned to Bangkok and opened her own restaurant. She named it after her master and works hard to make him proud. We had two meals with her. The food was really good, but the main reason we returned for a second meal was to talk more with Pooh. She told us things about Bangkok and it’s people you don’t read in a travel book. She taught us a lesson we learn over and over again, no matter where you go people are basically the
same. And, we learned this by sitting at her sushi bar, listening and letting her feed us.

Food is a language spoken world wide. I may have no idea what the lady, who gave us the twice fried chicken was saying, but her smile and refusal to take my money was clear.


These and all photos of Bangkok taken by Stacey
The most awesome person in the world.