Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Stacey and I bid on a $75 gift card at a fund raiser not long ago and won. The card was good at any one of the five restaurants owned and operated by the Fifth Group. They are South City Kitchen, 2 locations, La Tavola, Original El Taco and ECCO. They had The Food Studio at one time, it was a very good restaurant and the decor was great. I would say that's a trade mark of the Fifth Group restaurants, very nice design. I haven't been in La Tavola, but the others are nice. I especially like Ecco, it hits you right away. The entrance is beautiful. Two huge doors surrounded by towering glass, wood and steel. The lighting just pours out, making the whole place glow. The dinning room is wide open and is flanked on one side by a bright and shiny kitchen. The food was as good as the view, and it was not over priced at all.

I had vodka martinis, they were good

Lil Lady had TDYNHB formerly known as “The Drink You’ve Never Had Before.” Maker’s Mark, vanilla syrup and fresh raspberries topped with fizzy Session Lager.

Piquillo peppers stuffed with mushrooms, sherry and manchego.

Grilled squid with crushed olives.

Fried goat cheese, honey and black pepper.

Roasted shrimp, tomato, fennel and almond.

The only dish that disappointed was the one push hardest by the waitron and that was the
Fried goat cheese, honey and black pepper. I don't remember what it was, but the dish just didn't work. Everything else was really good. My favorite was the Grilled squid with crushed olives. It was the best squid I've ever had. It was big, it was grilled perfectly and the texture was just the way I like.
crushed olives is a great idea and something we will start adding to dishes we make at home. Crushed olives would work great with lot's of food. Oh, Stacey loved the TDYNHB and yes you read correctly, it had both beer and bourbon.