Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sheila C'S Burger Barn,

So, as you read below a true landmark was burned, basically destroyed by some kid. The Talisi Hotel had quite a history and one of the best southern buffets in the world. Once Stacey and I drove around the block ,wondering what the hell happened and why most of downtown Tallassee was shut down, we started looking for food. Again.

We had put our hunger on hold looking for the right spot to dine while driving to Mobile last Wednesday. I had a few places in mind and planned on stopping at the first one we found. In Opleika we could stop at Chucks BBQ, but I passed that exit having had Chucks BBQ before. I was not real impressed. If I was gonna have BBQ I was gonna stop at Kendalls Howling Good BBQ. Problem was, I could not remember what exit to take. I had fried chicken from the Talisi Hotel on my mind and I knew how to get there. Well you know how that worked out. So we left downtown Talisi and took a left going away from the interstate.

It was not looking real good and all we had found so far were fast food joints. Then we came across Sheila C's Burger Barn. Thank you God.

Sheila's is a small place with a dirt parking lot. Lot's of trucks covered in mud. We entered to find some tables and chairs, a few hunters (trucks/mud) and a small counter for ordering food. A guy in a camo ball cap was taking orders and Sheila worked the stove. There was a sheet of typing paper taped to the wall with the menu printed on it. Burgers and dogs, chips and soda was all that was offered. Stacey ordered a single with cheese. I maned up ordering a double with cheese combo. The combo part was a drink and bag of chips.

Checking it all out I noticed how Sheila had about 10 fist sized balls of hamburger meat on the flattop. As we ordered she smashed 3 of the meatballs flat with a spatchler. At first I wasn't sure why there were so many burgers in waiting on the flattop. I soon learned why, as one after another folks came in, ordered burgers and found a seat to wait. All kinds of folks. Gangsters, grandparents, nuns and cops all ordering burgers. And Sheila was ready. She kept the meatballs, soon to be burgers, at the ready. As the orders came Sheila smashed them flat to get them cooking faster.

I had told the guy taking orders we would eat our burgers there, but still he packed them to go. He packed everyones order to go although most folks sat and ate. Like I said, thank you God. These were exceptional burgers. They were the perfect size, not so big you couldn't get them in you mouth. Even my manly double was managable. The buns were steamed and I bet Sheila moved the burgers from the flattop to the buns, no draining the grease on a paper towel or anything. So this made for a very moist sandwich. The burgers were not to greasy at all. They had mayo, ketchup, chopped onions and cheese. All of this blended very nicly. From the first bite I knew we had found a really good place to eat.