Friday, November 6, 2009


And so it goes...... The more I build and paint the less I write. Also we have had a crew of sheet rock artist working on the master bed and bath. It is a very messy job that goes on longer then planned.
Whatayagonnado? This is what I did this week.

This here table is a checker board table. I used an old column for the pedestal and I used lumber from my bed room renovation for the top. I spray painted beer bottle caps for the checkers.

This here is another table made from salvaged materials. The metal top is from the slave quarters at the Oak Grove Plantation just south of Atlanta. Painted black and distressed. I delivered both of these tables this morning.

I painted this here painting this week from a photo a lady gave me. Her good friend grew the veggies and she wanted a painting of them. I didn't think I would like it, but when I was finished I liked it a lot. I offered it as a donation for an auction along with the pig painting. I told them to pick one for the auction.

They picked the pig.


Check out this short video, I want to do this. Everyday.