Saturday, May 22, 2010


Stacey and I have been all over the place this year.

After Mardi Gras we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Next we went to New Orleans. We also went to NYC. Then back to Mobile for Easter. Then back to New York last week.

On our last visit to Manhattan our host, AD2, informed us she was done. Kaput. Enough. She was moving to L. A. So as we departed 104 Perry St. a few weeks ago, AD2 tossed us the keys and told us we better do it while we can. She was gonna be in Hawaii for the month of May and if we wanted to use her West Village apt. now was the time.

So last Tuesday we head back to NYC. Can't afford it, but we got to use the apt. on Perry st one last time, before AD2 moves west.
Stacey and I have decided to see how much money we spend on this trip. We fly for free and sometimes we have a place to stay for free, but we still seem to spend a lot. Most folks, upon learning Stacey works for a major airline, say "hey, cool you fly for free you must travel all the time". I wish. It's expensive to travel, just check this out.

$9. That's a round trip for two on MARTA to and from airport.
$3. We get to the depart gate and need food. Two chocolate chip cookies.
$2. Cookies make ya thirsty. 7.7 o.z. H2O
Haven't got out of Atlanta yet and were at $14

Around midnight we get to LGA international airport. We get a cab. We tell cabbie 104 perry st. and step on it. Cabbie gets going and ask "Williamsberg"? "What" I ask. "Williamsberg Bridge?" he ask. "Sure, sure" I say "Williamsberg".

This guy drives like a mad man. FAST. We get to Perry St. and the meter reads $28. Cool, that's cheapest ride from LGA to Manhattan, ever.

So we arrived back at 104 Perry St. around midnight last Tuesday. We drop off our bags, put on shorts and head right back out for a walk around the neighborhood and to pick up a few provisions. Our Apt is a half block off Bleeker St. One of the most popular streets in NYC. So we head the other way, towards Hudson. We find a place to buy water and half and half for coffee. We head back to 104 Perry St. and crash.

$35. Cab ride with tip.
$ 5 half and half and a bottle of water

Total spent day one - arriving in NYC $ 54
Wait a minute, the dog sitter! $80 for 8 visits. So we are actually at $134.