Friday, March 19, 2010

where will the asians go to the bathroom?

This is why I love this guy. He sent this "transmission" today, I had to share.

Hey T,

I don't know about you, but I myself can feel the pressure building as the impending vote on health care reform creeps closer. It feels like the Super Bowl of politics. I grew up with parents who were always working for the Lions Club or the church or volunteering at the PTA. I had this sense of civic duty implanted in me since birth. I feel compelled to write here as a citizen and not as a party member. My citizenship is God-given - I had no choice in the matter. Its like your parents - they may not be perfect, but its all you got. You didn't have a choice in the matter. Most everything else in life you can choose. You can choose your job, your house, your friends, your spouse, your dog. But you can't choose your citizenship - you were born into it. Its not a perfect analogy, but if I had been there, I could imagine myself going through the same emotions as the Civil Rights Act of 1968was being debated. "Will it pass?", "What if it doesn't, then what?","Look how long we have been working towards this!" Let me ask you something. Would it seem normal to have a restroom for blacks and a restroom for whites today? Where would the Asians go to the bathroom? I guess my point here is that political progression is messy and it can get ugly. Please forgive the cliche, but I thinketh that we are quite clearly standing on the cusp of history. Now I am socially liberal but fiscally conservative. You might ask, "How can a bill that costs 900billion over 10 years reduce deficit spending?" Quite simple: If I find cable for 30 bucks a month whereas I was paying 40, I now have 10 buck shop pay towards my credit card debt. I'm still paying for cable but I have more discretionary income. If you don't understand how that applies to federal budgeting for health care, call me. I'm at404-313-0059.


-- John E. Duke