Thursday, September 13, 2007

So So Tired

I’m so tired of all the bullshit. The war, the price of gas, the damn 2008 elections, it’s more then a year away, what the hell are we doing. Gas is at $80 a barrel and it’s gonna go over $85 soon. It’s as if those running this idiot circus are out to get us. Nobody has a straight answer for ya. Nobody can get along with each other. I see it in my neighborhood and I see it on the news every day. If you are someone or some entity that’s trying to be proactive instead of reactive, your labeled a trouble maker.

I am glad I don’t have kids I am gonna leave this world to. It’s a sin against the earth what we have done. It ain’t getting any better, I think we are all just getting better at ignoring the situation. I think it starts small and by the time your an adult you have learned to view things through rose tinted glasses or otherwise you go crazy trying to deal.

Sometimes I think things are o.k. Sometimes I just pay attention to my small part of this so called life and kid my self into contentment. And that’s all it is, being content, which is a cop out. I am as guilty as anyone, just doing enough to keep things right in my world.

I know I got it good and should not complain. But that’s just the problem! We should all complain. I mean really raise hell about the conditions around the world. Boarders are nothing but lines drawn in the sand and just because your skin is a different color then mine does not mean you ain’t my brother.

Man, I got to stop watching CNN first thing in the morning.

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