Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No plans at all

So, Stacey and I were gonna make our second attempt to go to Belize. Hurricane Dean stopped us the first time and today another one has stopped us again. Damn, what to do? Don’t panic, aren’t you the one who said something like, the best plans are no plans at all? Well, no, I have never said that, but I gotta admit it’s a good one.

So I cut the grass and I trim the hedges. I edge the sidewalk and I blow it all into my neighbors yard and still I haven’t come up with a plan B. Damn, what to do? Think Tracy, think man. Wait it’s coming, hang on it’s coming to me. Wait for it. Wait for it. That’s it. Remember the lady you traded a painting for a stay at her beach house. Find her card man, find it now. Now call her, call her now man. Yes, yes says it so, yes man it is so, you can go. Now I hope the flights are open!

The flights look good and we are off. Port St. Joe here we come. I think we are in for a treat. The nice lady who owns this house has been a client for a while and has a table I made, at this house. It’s a old house and she has been anxious for me to see it. She knows I like old stuff and is happy to share.

So we will be there for about 4 or 5 days, I ‘ll let ya know what we do and all about the place. There are all kind if good places to eat and I have a list, with a few names, so we will be eating good.

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