Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shutter Table

So I have finished the Shutter Table that I wrote about a few weeks back.

Julie and Chris decided to go with a natural finish for the shutters and the frame around the shutters. This part makes up the top of the table, the part the glass top will sit on. The undercarriage has been painted white and distressed. Everything but the shutters has a light clear coat for clean up purposes. I like the way the table turned out. shutter table
Remember I had been offered some large pine posts from a building in downtown Atlanta ? I went to get these posts and was very happy with what I found. Most of the posts are 6″ x 6″. A few are 4″ x 6″ and one is almost 10″ square ! That’s big. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the post out of this basement, up to street level and into my truck. The guy I bought them from helped and it wasn’t too bad. At home I am lucky enough to be able to back my truck into my shop and unload them. The large one I put right onto a furniture mover and have left it on it for now so I can’t move it around shop until I do something with it. That’s gonna be a fun job. Can’t wait to see what I get to make out of that piece!


The building these posts came out of is 90 years old, so the trees these posts came from were at least 150 years old. I also have used one of the posts for a coffee table top. I sold it to a guy yesterday at the Serenbe Market. He said his office was right up the block from the spot they came from. People like it when I can tell them where materials came from.

Anyway, the brilliant couple liked their table very much. They have ordered a king sized bed and I plan on using some of the 6″ square post for the corners of the foot and headboards. Stay tuned and I will post photos of the bed soon.

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