Monday, September 10, 2007

How to get to Cloud Nine

Well what we did was, caught a plane to Panama City, rented a car and drove to the beach. It was really easy and the plane was close to being on time, and I think that’s all you can ask for these days.

Cloud Nine is our friends beach house at Indian Pass in Gulf County Fla. It sits right across the street from the beach. It was built in 1926 and used to be a hunting and fishing camp for men. There were no bathrooms when our friend bought the house about 5 years ago. The floors, the walls and the ceilings are all made from the same material. 1″ x 3.5″ pine slats. It is really cool and so different than any beach house I’ve ever been to.

The Beach is a 1 minute walk across the street and it is a very deep beach. Lots of it, in both directions. There are some large ugly houses here and there but no large condo units. Because of zoning there never will be. Not many people around as the holiday just past and there just aren’t as many houses as you see at most beaches.

So, of course I love this place and want to move here, just like most neat places I visit. But 4 nights will do for now. Stacey and I drive through Eglin Air Force Base coming out of Panama City. Then we go through Mexico Beach, it looked like a cool town. Small,very small. We don’t stop, we are ready to get to Indian Pass.

We then come to Port St. Joe. I guess it’s the largest city near Cloud Nine. We stop at the Piggly Wiggly and get food and a few other items. The Pig dosen’t sell beer, so we have to go to another store for that. Food total $63.00.

We drive towards Indian Pass keeping an eye out for some where to get beer and spirits. There it is, Triple Tails. They advertise beer, bait, liquor and beach stuff. Perfect. We pull in and they have everything we’re gonna need. Grab a little Patron, a little Absolut, a couple six packs and a bottle of wine. We were only here for four nights so we don’t need much. Beverge total $110.00.

We get to the house and check things out. Really like what we see. The place reminds me of the houses we used to rent on Mobile Bay. Not a slick beach house, but a old warm, wooden bay house. We unpack the car, grab a few drinks, two beach chairs and head straight to the beach. Not a soul in sight. When we head back to the house a few hours later as it was getting dark, we had still not seen anyone.

sea gulls at indian pass

Oh joy!!

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