Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Oysters are good! Raw is best. I like mine with a horseradish heavy cocktail sauce on a saltine. Fried is good and we often do them on the front porch. Talk about white trash, but yea we cook a lot on the front porch.

We got up Tuesday morning and it was about the time I was mixing the second Bloody Mary, about 10:30 a.m, that I was thinking about oysters. Seeing as we were in one of the top producing oyster areas in America. We had been told to eat at the Raw Bar, the funky local oyster bar and seafood joint.

So after sitting on the beach for a few hours, reading, swimming, drinking beers, making out and stuff like that, we thought some oysters would be good. We were pretty excited about having oysters, knowing how fresh they would be. I like gulf coast oysters best. They are salty and usually the perfect size, not to big not to small. The cold water oysters I have had are to small and don’t have that briney flavor.

Wouldn’t ya know it, the Raw Bar is closed for a week after the Labor Day Holiday. Damn.

So I ask the some guy cutting the grass where to get oysters? He sends us to Boss Oysters in Apalachicola. We have been to Apalach a few times before and had no problem finding it. So we had beers and tequila and raw oysters.
oysters on the half shell
Stacey ordered fancy raw oysters with a salsa like mixture on them, called “oysters ceviche”. They were good.
oysters ceviche

So we blew that joint and stop at the hardware store and got some copper wire and red spray paint, it’s not what you think. Then we stopped at a retail seafood place. The boats were right out back, it was late in the afternoon and they were cleaning them. We got two pints of oysters, shucked and headed to Cloud Nine for sunset on the beach.

And that’s just what we did. Sat and watched the sun go down for hours. Again we hardly saw a soul. Later we had both raw and fried oysters for dinner. We laid in the hammock on the front porch and watched a movie. Stacey went to bed but I spent about half the night on the screened in porch, in the hammock. Woke up about 3am and climbed into the real bed. Thinking about how to have my oysters for breakfast…

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