Monday, August 6, 2007

The Monday Report

Now thats Report as in Colbert Report, thank you very much. I accept your apology.

So, this is very regular, kind of routine if you will. I am not used to much routine. I guess the only time I lived a life of routine as an adult I was sick and it was only for about a year. So writing this blog everyday is a chore. But, I enjoy it very much. I like chores like this one. Do something creative, do it today, and every weekday, but, you can take all day getting it done. That’s good for me. Like, if I need to do a few loads of laundry and have all day to do it, no problem.

dirty birdAnyway, sometimes I am going to give you the Monday Report. I will tell you about our weekend and add some random thoughts. Maybe not every Monday but maybe.

So, Friday early a.m. and I am loving life. I am painting pictures and building furniture from one of the many things I have in my workshop. This time I take a door which is a small door, 53′ long by 30′ wide. I build a base with four legs made from old piano parts. I paint the base white and distress it. I paint the door 5 different colors of green and trim it in black paint, distress it and clear coat it. It looks great on the base.

I smoked 2 big rack of ribs and got some slaw from the seafood joint up the street. Then my sister arrived later in the afternoon, with her husband and their son, Scotty Mike. We chowed down on bar b que and had cold beers. Some of of us had lemonade and some of us had tequila. Fun Fun - then sleep.

Saturday, Stacey took our guests to the Georgia Aquarium. They had a great time seeing all the fish. I went to the Morningside Organic Framers Market. I sold the coffee table I had made the day before.

We then met on the front porch and had shrimp poboys for the seafood joint up the street. They are the best poboys I have had in my life and they cost $4. I have to buy Paul one every time he beats me at golf, which has been often lately.

Then Scotty Mike and me and his dad went and played 9 holes of golf. That was nice. A golf course is one of my favorite places in the world.

Then home, get cleaned up and lay out food, fill the ice chest and light the grill. Have way to much of everything, and over serve our guest, break some bones and call it a night. Sunday morning and some of us are hurting.

Random thought - check out Garden & Gun magazine. I especially like their philosophy on the South.

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