Monday, August 6, 2007

The Shutter Table

I was hired recently, by a very brilliant couple, to build a dinner table for their beach house. The table is to be built using antique shutters. This couple, lets just make up a name for them, lets call them Chris and Julie, already have a couple pieces of my work. Like I said, they are brilliant.

Chris and Julie found a table made from shutters in a store here in town. It was imported from far,far away, so I was happy to be able to tell them about the shutters I had. They are from a plantation home about 1 hour east of Atlanta. The nice lady who gave them to me told me they were original to the house, which was built in the late 1800’s.

So this was great. These guys are gonna get the style table they want and have it made from a local product, not such a “fresh” product, but local all the same. It’s fun when I can build something and be able to tell the customer where the materials came from. People really seem to appreciate it.

So here are some photos. I just knocked the pegs out and removed about 4 nails and took the thing apart. It was easy to get the pegs out, I was surprised. shutter inprogressYou can see how rough they are, but after I have sanded them, they already look better and the finish Julie has come up with is gonna look great.

shutterThe table is to seat 8 and will comfortably, when it’s all done. I have had these shutter for 5 years or more. Just holding on to them, waiting for the right job. I have more shutters and more ideas of what I might do with them.

We are gonna do a plain square post for legs. And how’s this for timing, this past Saturday morning at the farmers market, a friend came over to say hi and introduced me to a guy that was with him. I got to talking to this guy about my furniture, which I had a few pieces of at the market. When he learned I was building from salvaged wood he ask if I might be intrested in some post from a building he was renovating in downtown Atlanta. He told me the post were about as tall as me and 6″ square. I didn’t have to ask. I knew this building was well over 100 years old. Tomorrow I will go pick up this wood and get the low down on the building. Like how old, what was it used for before he got it and the address. Then I will really have more local, antique, awesome materials to build from. And they will make great legs for Chris and Julies table.

Later I will show you the finished product and let you know about the large posts I hope to get tomorrow.

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