Friday, August 3, 2007

A kitchen full of old stuff

Once when I was in high-school, I went to a house that a guy had built from old materials. I thought it was really cool. Then about 10 years ago, I started to sell furniture I built from old materials. So, it was only natural for me to use old materials when I renovated our kitchen.


So I slowly started throwing out parts of the old kitchen. One year the dishwasher broke, so I ripped it out of the counter and threw it in the front yard. Little by little, I did this to our whole kitchen and then started putting it back together.

I built cabinets from cabinet grade plywood. The cabinets that were to be hung on the wall got old windows for the doors. These old windows had four panes of glass per window. Each pane of glass was about 12″ square. They were nice size windows which made for big cabinets.

Another cabinet was one that started on the floor and was about 6′ tall. We use a old french door for the door on this cabinet. On top of that, I sat a barristers box case, just a single unit, it was almost the same width of french door cabinet. These cabinets were on a wall along with 2 sets of floor cabinets.

In between the 2 floor cabinets sits a Roper gas stove. It’s a vintage Roper stove with 4 burners on a stainless steel top and an oven. A broiler, storage and a warming drawer underneath. It is stove white with a stainless steel top. It looks like a old chevy. There is also a new stainless steel refrigerator next to the french door cabinet. Above the stove is a vintage Icee clock.

Across from all that is an island. The island has a bar which runs the length of the island which is 12′ long. Starting from one end it has, a cabinet for cookie sheets and the likes, then a stainless steel front dishwasher, then a very old french style farmhouse sink. This old farmhouse style sink was here at the house when we moved in. Just sitting out in the back yard. I used a restaurant style faucet and it’s working out well for us. Next after the sink is a cabinet of 3 drawers and then a pull out cabinet for a garbage can. Next to that is a large under cabinet. On the bar and for counter-top on right of sink, I have used antique pine salvaged from a cotton mill in Carrolton, GA. The mill was built in the 1850s. This is hard, old wood. I also used it for the counter-top along the wall.

To the left of the sink, I used a piece of rock maple butcher block. The piece I had was large enough to cut a 6′ x 2′ piece for the whole counter top. So we use the end of the counter-top, next to sink as a chopping block.


I have painted all the cabinets RED and distressed them. The old windows look great like this. The walls are to shades of blue. The color scheme is much like the colors in the old Icee clock.

I was in a bind about what to do about the floors. We had moved the kitchen from a corner of the room, out to the middle of this room. And this 1 room used to be 2 rooms. So when we pulled the crap off the kitchen floor, we found pine running the opposite of the oak flooring in the other part of the room. Well about that time a builder who sometime calls me to pick up lumber he has, called. Said he had 2 pickup truckloads of wide plank flooring. It was excellent wood and all mixed up. Random lenghts and widths, from 4″ up 10″ wide. Some of it was oak, some pine, some cherry, some mahogany and some hickory. It was perfect and it was free. So I sent off for some fake antique nails. I nailed it straight to the floor. The end.

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