Thursday, August 23, 2007

Monday Report on Wednesday

Today, Stacey went up the street to the Mexican Grocery Store for shrimp ceviche makings. She was getting a couple pounds of shrimps, about 7 or 8 limes, 2 oranges, a few tomato’s, couple of onions, a few peppers and cilantro. The peppers were probably poblano and they are whole roasted in a skillet with the tomato’s and garlic. Right now, as we speak I can hear and smell the peppers and tomato’s roasting in olive oil. And it is a good thing.

She, Stacey that is, will blanch the 2 pounds of shrimp we have just cleaned. She will rough chop the peppers and tomato’s, add all this together, squeeze the limes and oranges over the mixture, cover and refrig for 24. Hell yea. It’s good with avocado.

But that ain’t the best part. While she was there, she spied this woman buying a large amount of tamale fixings. Stacey commented to the guy who owns and runs the store ” I wanna go eat tamales with her”. So he gave Stacey the ladies name, Maria Hernandez, and phone #. But we’re gonna call him and just let him order for us, since Stacey thinks the tamale maker only speaks Spanish.

Here is a good book, if your looking for something to read. Milking the Moon, by Eugene Walter as told to Katherine Clark. I read it years ago and am gonna read it again. Soon I am gonna write a little something about Eugene Walter. I do remember it was an enjoyable and easy read. But I am partial to stories about Mobile and the monkeys who made it what it really is.

Shutter table is coming along just fine.

All is well, thanks. Hope the same for you.

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