Friday, August 24, 2007

Monday Report

So another weekend, another Monday morning and time again to decide what to do this week. Work-wise, that is. Will I start on the king-sized bed that’s been ordered by the brilliant couple that ordered the shutter table? Will I paint another picture with a wine theme, per another request? Will I finish reading one of the three books I have started. I am about done with Sonny Brewers book about an old mans struggle with his spirituality? The name of the book is The Poet Of Tolstoy Park. All you monkeys down there in South Alabama should read it. Or should I finish the Walker Percy novel, The Moviegoer? I am not enjoying this one as much as I thought I would, it’s a bit to wordy. I could start on a painting I have been commissioned to paint. It’s for a guy, who among other things writes books. His latest book is named “zing”, it’s a book on idea spotting. He wants me to paint a large picture of 3 light-bulbs in a row, I think it will work well with my painting style.

So as you can see I got a lot of projects to choose from. That’s not all I got on my plate, but I really couldn’t list all the things I need or want to do. I think I’ll start the week with a bowl of cheese grits and a crab-meat omelette.

Eugene Walter said “I’ve had a great life, and it all happened because I didn’t plan any of it”. That’s gonna be my plan also.

Here is a link to the Mobile newspaper, a short piece on the book we use to find all the great hole in the wall places to eat in the southeast. A Southern Belly, by John T. Edge.

Talk to ya tomorrow.

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