Wednesday, August 22, 2007

N.Y.C. Day 2

So we checked out Sunday morning and dropped our bags at Lisa’ apartment. Then we took the subway uptown to the MOMA to see the Richard Serra show. Stacey and I had seen his work about 5 years ago in Bilbao, Spain. We wanted to see the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry. The museum was new and all the rage, I am not sure I knew who Serra was at the time.

Well the show blew us away. These huge, beautifully rusted sheets of steel that had been twisted and fashioned into simple, organic, flowing sculpture. Talk about abstract, what the hell did this stuff mean. Why did he do it? I’m glad he did it, but why?

It was beautiful and like I said before, I would like to live in it. Just put a roof over a few of the pieces and add a little plumbing and I’m there. The show consisted of some of his work from the last 40 years and there were other pieces besides the large steel sculptures, but they are by far my favorite.

The MOMA has just had a huge renovation and addition job. The new, outdoor sculpture garden had a few of Serras’ huge pieces on display. I tried to take a photo showing part of a sculpture and some of the apartments that over looked the garden.

aparments outside MOMA
Stacey and Lisa were picking out which one they would like to live in. I decided I would live in the garden and they could both keep an eye on me.
garden at MOMA in nyc
We spent hours checking out the Serra show and the rest of the museum. There was a lot to see, five floors of art and the garden and we gave it our best shot. But our dogs started barking and we needed to get off of them. So we headed back to Lisas’ hood and had some Margaritas and some good Mexican food. We met Richard Marx, he waited our table and was really nice. It was starting to rain so we hurried back to Lisas’ place and got our bags then got a cab, then got a plane, then got another cab and were in bed by 12:30. We were tired. Stacey took Monday off and we took it easy for the day.

From what I’m hearing Belize got smacked hard and it might be a while until Stacey and I can make that trip, but the rooms are paid for so you can count on a report as soon as we can get there.

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