Monday, August 18, 2008

Gone off up North

thanks mr. blount.

A week ago last Saturday, Mom and Dad flew up to Atlanta. We had a great meal at the Feed Store, and Mom and Dad are no longer stupid for not eating at the Feed Store. Everyone else in the metro area who has not eaten at the Feed Store is still stupid.

Next morning the four of us met up with my Aunt and her husband at the Atlanta airport as she flew in from Mobile. Then together we all got on a plane and flew to Portland, Maine. We were all flying standby, which means we only get seats if there are any that didn’t sell. We were lucky and all got a seat. Flying back home was another story.

Uncle Buck picked us all up at the Jetport and quickly whisked us away in his oversize Suburban. He immediately made us all fugitives of the law. See, Uncle Buck has his own way of doing things and if it makes sense to him well then….

So as we went through the toll gate without paying our toll, I knew we were in for a wild ride, Uncle Buck style. I saw the squad cars start to pursue us, lights flashing, sirens wailing, but Uncle Buck just stepped on the gas and that was the last we saw of the local law enforcement. For now anyway.

About forty minutes later we arrived at Kennebunk Beach and discover this is our home for the next five or six days.


And this is what we are gonna have to look at everyday.


I’m just glad I was there to help Mom and Dad handle the situation.

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