Saturday, August 9, 2008

Times are Tuff

A couple nights back I stumbled around my house in a food coma. I was eating figs that had just been picked from the tree in our yard. I had planned on wrapping the figs in bacon and broiling them. Didn’t have bacon so I cut them in half, added a dollop of creamy blue cheese, dripped a little truffle honey on them and consumed. I added cracked black pepper to some and they just got better. Lot’s of big, strong flavors that worked very well together. Vodka Martinis were involved as well.


I have been in a food coma for days now. Been in a daze for days. I came home from the cooking demo at Le Cordon Bleu with a fresh truffle about the size of a ping pong ball. A gift from Chef. We were also gifted 5 cheeses from the guy operating the Sweet Grass Dairy booth right next to us, as well as a couple pounds of grass feed beef from Will Harris.

So all week long I’ve been preparing dishes with black truffles. First we made Risotto with the truffles, no meat, nothing else, truffles and risotto with homemade chicken stock. A true classic and good indeed.

The next night we had a tater and goat cheese souffle. Damn good indeed. We had this long side a “Will Harris” beef hamburger. Damn good indeed. Good meat, only a few condiments needed.

The next day I had a three egg omelette with goat cheese and truffles, damn good indeed, I wish I had more truffles.

Then last night we were treated to a nine course tasting dinner at the Feed Store. These guys throw down. I have written about them plenty and you can read for yourself how good they are at what they do. And god bless Sam, Hope, Pepper, Gwen and Gemma, we had a great time with ya’ll.

Now tonight I have just returned from the Feed Store, again. Cooper did not let us down, again. It was another wonderful meal, again and we got to share it with Nancy and Marion.

That’s always a treat.

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