Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kennebunk, later that day……

So we arrive at the beach and Uncle Buck switches roles from driver to chef. He has thrown dogs and sausage on the grill. We say hey to everyone, some of these folks we haven’t seen in ten years or so. These guys are our hosts, Anne and John D , a couple of the nicest people one could ever know.


They welcome us into their home, show us around and tell us to help ourselves. There are bikes to ride, beaches to walk, food to cook, food to eat, photos to take, and beers to drink.

When we first arrive Anne is preparing a salad. I think all the ingredients came from her kitchen garden just out back. This garden is a sight to behold. She has a few different salad greens, cucumbers, a couple different basil’s, all kinds of herbs, dalia’s, radish, sunflowers and I’m sure there was more. Green-beans, I forgot green-beans.


So we planned a few meals, looking through a couple of cook books. We decided to do a scallop chowder. That’s what I said, a scallop chowder. We talked about doing fish, shrimp and grits, trout menuire and some other dishes. We had fresh figs imported from East Point, Georgia and Sweet Grass Dairy Cheeses smuggled in from South Georgia. So as you can see food was clearly the focus at this time, which was good. We came up with a game plan and the first step was to drive into Portland the next day and shop. Anne had a good list of spots to check out, most of them dealing with food stuffs.

Later that afternoon John D pulled his yacht around front and we all boarded for a sunset tour of the Kennebunk Port area. This was a really nice boat, more like a small ship. It was 1964 Whiticar, a 63′ motor yacht. It was a great boat for tooling around and checking out the sights. We were served champagne and these delicious little barbecued pulled pork sandwich. We cruised over to Walker point , but the Bush family was not receiving. It was a lovely evening. This is a photo of John D’s vessel.

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