Monday, February 11, 2008

We are back and in questionable condition…

Movie-stars, video tapes and large paper mache fish. Some of it’s true, some of it’s not.

Sorry we haven’t been posting in awhile. Been busy with Mardi Gras and work. Both Stacey and I had a heavy work load up until about 10 days before Mardi Gras. Being the responsible adults we are, we worked through it. So we missed a few parades and we were pressed for time on the Fish Float building, but we got through it. With the help of Chef, flown in just for the Saturday night shrimp boil and the Sunday morning brunch, we were able to pull off the food in a spectacular fashion.


Hope to get back to a regular schedule as of tomorrow. Got a lot to tell about. We had great weather and only a few lives were lost. It was a small price to pay for so much fun. If it wasn’t for the video tape situation no one would have had to die, but ya do what ya got to do. I bet no one makes the mistake of showing up with a video camera next year.

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