Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trying to get married at the Osiris Ball

It is hard picking up chicks at the Osiris Ball. It’s not because they are not there. I guess they think all the guys are gay so they didn’t take me serious. Like the young lady in the beautiful red, backless dress. As I was waiting in the line at the bar she stood right in front of me. I noticed she was either alone or her date was ignoring her. Any way the guys behind me spoke up and told her how lovely her dress was. That was all she needed to hear, next thing ya know she is telling us all about how her date didn’t pick her up, she had to go get him and what a hard time she had getting her breast to fit in her dress. She said she had no idea they had gotten so large til she went to put the red dress on. The front of her dress was almost as front-less as it was backless and I could see what she was talking about. Those babies were squeezed in there tighter then a gants ass. She went on for a while about how she didn’t know what happened, her breast had just blown up. She said you would think her date would be happy to go with her to the ball, but she stated again how she had to go pick him up. That’s when I made my move and ask her to marry me. She didn’t respond, I guess she thought I was kidding, or gay, or something.

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