Thursday, July 17, 2008


So July 4th, after the parade we went to our neighbors house for an afternoon dinner and then fireworks up the street. We arrive at these guys house about 3 p.m. They were in full swing. They were preparing all of these dishes. Chvechie, with scallops and shrimp. I watched as they pressed limes, roasted poblanos pepper, and chopped cilantro. They made this beautiful chevechie and then added a little olive oil. They were also preparing a black bean salsa and a green salad. The black bean salsa was awesome, I’m getting that recipe. They fried fish for tacos and they cooked chorizo sausage, fresh from the butchers counter at the local Mexican grocery store. On top of all that a man known for his meat, bar b que meat that is, joined us and had a couple racks of ribs he had cooked that day. They did not suck at all and went well with all the other food. Did I mention there was fresh guacamole.

There was probably a lot more I have forgotten, maybe because of all the beer I was drinking. We were having a beer tasting as they cooked. Doing a flight. Seems like this guy brews his own beer, lot’s of it and lots of different kinds. I bet we tasted 6 or 7 different beers. Lighter to darker. Fresh brewed. Right up the street. This was great. We always have a good time when ever we do see these folks and I had no idea they loved to cook and eat good food and were such serious brewers. I’m scared to have them over, they have set the bar very high.

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