Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Last year Stacey and I helped build a float and we participated in a parade celebrating the 4th.
It took place down at the Serenbe Community. We called ourselves the Watermelon Brigade. There were about 12 or 15 of us in our group. We bought us some red, white and blue tee shirts and something funny is added to them. The guys shirts read “I’m with the queen”. The ladies were the Queens, of course. Here is a photo of the float we put together and our queens.

It was fun and I like building floats, I really don’t get the opportunity all that often so we did it again. This year Stacey’s shirt read WHAM, mine read BAM. We were the Serenbe Fire Crackers. It was a good time and I was hoping some of the other folks down at Serenbe would step up and build, sorry, I mean have a float built to start a little fun competition. No one did. We still had a great time just the same. Check out this photo.

After the parade we were invited to join some folks at a neighbors farm for a true southern 4th of July experience. We could not, but next year we plan on going to this “gathering”, my friend Sam told us of table after table of homemade food and people singing 4th of July songs.

This year we had made plans to eat with some friends who live up the street, and then go see the local firework which are always a good show. East Point Georgia may be broke, but we can blow some shit up on the 4th.

So the the folks we had made dinner plans are neighbors and we see them at parties and stuff around the hood. It seems we haven’t been able to get together otherwise, finally we did and holy shit, these people cook with the passion of madmen and brew their own beer. Stay tuned more on this soiree.

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