Thursday, November 8, 2007

That’s What I Like About the South

I ask my neighbor, Mr. Pilot, would he please let me use his leaf blower. I wanted to stay on top of the leaves this year. The trees are pretty, but it all falls, along with acorns, and all that gets hard to blow or rake if ya don’t stay on top of it. Well next thing I know, he’s blowing my yard, and I got a large yard.

Around dark, I was in my shop and heard the dog’s barking and peeked out to find my neighbor from across the street coming in the gate, telling the dogs to leave her alone. She was dropping of a dish of chicken enchiladas with a pumpkin sauce. She had made it for dinner once and we had talked about it a few days ago. Kinda trading recipes and we told her that one sounded good. Low and behold she had cooked some up for us and it is the bomb. I love enchiladas, I love pumpkin, I love food like this.

Neither of these neighbors are from the south. Both come from the north more or less, but it just goes to show ya, not all southerns are from the south. And that’s what I like about the south.

Let’s go down to Alabama
Let’s go see my dear old mama
Fryin’ eggs and cookin’ hammy
That’s what I like about the South

She’s got baked ribs and candied yams
Sugar-cured Virginia hams
Basement full of those berry jams
And that’s what I like about the South

[ fiddle ]
Ham hocks and turnip greens
Hog jolls and butter beans
Mardi Gras down in New Orleans
That’s what I like about the South

Down where the trees grow tall
Where everybody says y’all
Walk on in with that Southern drawl
And that’s what I like about the South

Here comes old Parson with all the news
Boxback coat and button shoes
All paid up with his union dues
That’s what I like about the South

Did I tell you about the place called Doo-wah-diddy
But it ain’t no town and it ain’t no city
It’s awful small but it’s mighty pretty

[ piano ]
Well I’m not here to criticise
I’m not here to sympathise
But don’t tell me them no good lies
Cause a lyin’ gal like you can devise

Every time I pass your door
You act like you don’t want me no more
You just raise your head and sigh
Well I’m gonna trackin’ right on by

That’s what I like about the South

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