Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Southern Waters Run Deep

We are having a water war here in the southeast. Georgia has it all, Alabama and Florida want some of it. Since Alabama and Florida are down stream, so to speak, if Georgia doesn’t release enough from all the damn dams then Alabama and Florida suffer. Here we go again. I just wish that once I could see someone be proactive and stop this stuff from happening. Don’t we have people we pay to think about problems like this, as in our government agencies. Isn’t this what our tax dollars are supposed to take care of.

Somebody do your damn job for once. We can’t be this stupid over and over again can we? It seems we don’t get anything right when it comes to issues like this. Issues that we have people in place to take care of. Issues we throw dollar after dollar at. Running a country, a state, a city is like running a business. It is running a business for god sakes and our government sucks when it comes to running a business. Time after time they prove to be incompetent. Yea I know vote them out. Right and the next guy is gonna be any better. I don’t think so. If I ran my business like we run this country, I would be out of business.

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