Wednesday, November 12, 2008

talk of the town

Sunday we enjoyed “A Day in the Country” with the ladies culinary group Les Dames Escoffier. That’s the name given to the 8th annual event held in South Fulton county at Serenbe. This fundraiser brings together foodies from all over the metro area for an afternoon of food, music, wine, beer and fellowship. The money raised is used to send a young lady to culinary school. This is how the day went.

At one o’clock the fun begins. You are handed a wine glass upon entering the first tent, there are three, and a wine distributor will be near by ready to pour you a glass of champagne. At which point you look up and see all your friends, seems like we knew everyone. There are thirtyfive or so chefs, about ten wine distributors and two or three breweries. They are all set up under two of the tents and they are each serving a taste of a dish they prepared especially for today. You were able to taste thirty or forty wines, ports or sparkling wines. Sweetwater, 5 seasons and one other brewery were pouring beers.

The third tent held the items for the silent auction and the twenty cakes for the cake raffle. The cake raffle is cool. There are twenty cakes and they are made by local restaurants, bakers or a Dame. Each cake is truly a work of art and to win one is awesome. Raffle tickets are $5 each or $20 for a arms length. For $20 the young lady stretches the tickets down your arm and tears the tickets at your wrist, we usually get about twenty tickets this way. The items for the the auction were things like art, wine, dinners etc. This is the piece of art I donated for the auction. It is the third year I have donated a piece of art for this fundraiser.

So we ate and drank, we visited with all our friends and ate and drank.

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