Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Souths gonna do it Again

A comment on a previous post read like this, it was in response to the post “Have YA Heard the News”.

“Yes we can, and yes we DID!
Hope beats fear every time.
Here’s to the new horizons for America.”

Well I wish that was the case. Maybe some of the larger, more forward thinking cities in the south are part of the “new horizons for America”, but the south in general voted out of fear. Fear of a man with a strange name and a skin tone that didn’t match their skin tone. Fear was sold all through out this election, from both sides. On one side you had a guy telling you that you should fear four more years of the same stupid, criminal, lying, cheating, stealing son of a bitches running this country. Fear was in order after the display of abuse of power the current administration showed us. Bush, Cheny, all their lawyers and the heads of their staff should be prosecuted for the way they stomped on the constitution. It was out of control and they did nothing to help this nation, they were working for the betterment of themselves and the huge private companies with the money behind them.

From the other side you heard about all the questionable connections Obama had with terrorist. And how dare him say he would talk to any head of any nation anytime. WHAT? He’s gonna talk to other leaders instead of blowing their people and their country to pieces? Now that’s a man to fear. And that name, how can you trust a man named Barack Hussein Obama.

But the south did it again, southern counties that voted more heavily Republican this year than in 2004 tended to be poorer, less educated and whiter, I found this fact in The New York Times. We let fear dictate. We are more worried about a mans name and skin color then we are about staying stupid and poor, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m stupid.

This all kind of goes to the post from yesterday. I hope the black community I live in will not fear me, or hate me just because I’m white. Stacey was very upset the day the fellow dancing in the street singing “Obama, Obama” blatantly said, your white, you’re not supposed to be in my neighborhood and if you don’t buy my pie get the hell out of here. She was also quite shaken when the man in the Kroger parking lot ran into her car and then asked her “you must have forgot where you are”. It happens all the time, but these displays were really mean and in her face.

So I want all the southern people to vote smart, vote for the right person and not just the white person. And I want the black folks to be nice to us white folks living in your community. We are there because we want to be there. We want to get to know you, we want you to know us. I personally want you to invite me over for dinner and share all you old family recipes with me.

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