Friday, April 18, 2008

Southside Thai and the Pig Palace

East Point just got a new restaurant, The White Elephant. It is owned and operated by the guy behind Wasabi Sushi. Stacey and I have eaten there twice and enjoyed. It’s you basic Thai fare, rolls, lots of curry dishes, fried rice and a few specials. It’s a nice space as well. There is outdoor seating, a bar you can eat at and plenty of tables scattered around the room. They had not received their liquor license last time we were there, so call ahead and BYOB if that is still the case. They will get their license, there is no problem, just waiting for Fulton county to do their thing. As a matter of fact they say they are gonna have some unique cocktails and Asian beers.

Stacey met the Chef on our first visit. His name is Supalerk Pornpongboonvit, that is correct, you can call him Chef Porn. He is a young man and recently cooked at another Atl restaurant. Anyway get there when ya can, I’m sure you will enjoy. For hours and more info click here, WHITE ELEPHANT.

There is another new restaurant that just opened this week, I guess I should refer to it as a pub instead of a restaurant. If you go to their site, HOLMAN FINCH PUBLIC HOUSE, you will see they really want to be a pub. The site is basically their business card. If you click on the “what is it” part of the card it will tell you what it is. What it doesn’t tell you is that they serve all kinds of pig parts that, they themselves have cured in- house. I have seen the space and it is beautiful. Stainless steel, glass, a little wood and other metal textures are used. One of the owners is also a bartender and from what I have read a very good and popular bartender at that. Check out this article about him. That being said I haven’t eaten there yet, when I do I’ll share my thoughts. Oh yea, I hear they have some really cool art hanging.

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