Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Southern Wedding

A Southern wedding is a nice thing, I know, I was half of one ’bout 20 years ago and it took.

We were lucky enough to have the extreme pleasure of attending our niece’s wedding June 8th. It took place in Sopchoppy, Florida, at the River of Life Church. We were almost late for the wedding cause I insisted we stop and take this photo. It’s not often you run into this much beautiful rust in one place.


I gotta say I love events like this. I really enjoy getting together with the other side of my family, we always have fun. We got to see a lot of folks we haven’t seen in years and that was nice.

There was a lot of cool things about this trip, of course the wedding. It was great, the stage was beautiful, the music was beautiful, the bride and groom were beautiful, just look at this.


All the things that go with a good wedding were spot on. First off, I missed my tee time the morning of the wedding because the Brides mother kept challenging me to have one more shot of Gentleman Jack with her. The food and the restaurant and their staff that put on the after rehearsal party were really good. I enjoyed it very much. I did get to play golf the next morning and that was good. We leased a convertible, that was good. We hung out at the pool and got sun and that was good. The reception was at this really cool place on the water. The architecture was awesome and that was good.

All in all a good wedding, I bet it will take.

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