Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy Fathers day.


Do you remember throwing the football in the front yard? It was you, me and Geoff and we had already practiced at school with our team. We would be in the front yard on Chadwick dr, taking turns going out for a pass while the other played defense. We did this all the time, for hours.

Do you remember teaching me to ride a bike? On the side walk in front of the Bettencourt’s house you would get me started with a big push. After a few spills I was a bike riding fool.

Do you remember all the times I had to get stitches for cuts suffered in the line of childhood battle?

What about going with Mom to Girl Scout camp? You would have a portable radio that you were constantly trying to tune to the Alabama game.

And Mardi Gras? WOW, that was the best and you loved it as much as any kid. Peanut buttered kisses and serpentine, who could catch the most.

I could go on forever. Great memories all. Thanks. Some how you got through to me and taught me what was important in life. Now here I am living the most charmed life a man could ask for. I blame you.

Thanks and happy Fathers day


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