Thursday, May 8, 2008

Southern Sliders


I wanted to tell you about these small hamburgers we have been grilling lately. I guess they are sliders. We have had the small burger a few times in different restaurant and I guess that’s where we got the idea. We had them a couple times at First on 1st street in NYC. I don’t remember them as being great, just small.

So I went to start writing and thought about slug burgers. I looked them up and that’s another story. Two different things. A slug burger has cereal or some other filler mixed with the meat, I think they were a poor mans hamburger. Sliders are small, all beef burgers. I also found this site when searching slug/slider.

It’s a neat site, check it out. I love this short little story this guys has written about finding sliders on the the menu at the Bouchon Bakery. Left over meat from Per Se. Those must have sucked.

Anyway here is our condiment tray.


For me there are two reasons to eat sliders. Size, they don’t fill ya up as much as a full burger on a huge hunk of bread. Variety, you can eat two or three so you can try different condiment mixtures.

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