Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Southern Furniture

So a client I built a swing for ask if I could make some chairs for the front porch. I saw a chair in a magazine and it inspired this chair.


So I took it to her thinking this is a prototype and if she liked it we could tweak the design and build four just like she wanted. That’s one of the fun things about my job, I get to work with cool people who want something different and are really open to all kinds of ideas.

So I showed it to her and a few other folks at the same time and everyone thought it was great. My client ordered three more exactly like it. It is a very simple design. I used antique pine and 3/4″ wood dowels to plug the screw holes. I finished it with only a clear coat, no stain. This old pine really doesn’t need a stain it is such beautiful wood.

Here is a photo of the swing I built for her, I had orders for nine of these last year.


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