Monday, January 7, 2008

Nice Rack

Down south that phrase conjures the image of a gun rack in the rear window of a pickup truck. I’m talking about my latest job. I am building a few pieces for a local baker I helped with the renovation of his current shop, he is opening his second shop and he called back for more. Here is a photo of a bread rack from the first job. I am doing a different version of it for the new store.


Alon’s is about the best bakery in Atlanta. Over the years he has transformed it into a full on specialty shop. Besides the best bread you can get, he also has wine, cheese, oils, prepared foods and desserts. It is all the best, especially the cheese, the selection is incredible.

Here is a photo of the new bread rack. It is a lot larger than the first. I am also building 23′ of counter top from antique pine and 17 tabletops 24″square. It’s a good job


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