Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Poboy

For as long as I can remember a poboy sandwich has been one of my favorite things in the world.

My first memories are getting poboys at a little shop right off the highway, just before you reach New Orleans. The name of this joint was Ruby Lamas. It was in the ninth ward, but Katrina wiped them out. I would stop there with my parents and whoever else was going to New Orleans with us that day. Usually it was one or more of my siblings. But this place had the best. I still remember them to this day and that was at least 30 years ago.

It had been years since I have had even a decent poboy. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t trying. Stacey and I like the beach and whenever we are at one we are looking for fresh seafood. I can’t tell you how many time we have been disappointed with a seafood meal at the beach.

Well that’s all changed. I can get the best shrimp poboy right here in little old East Point, Ga.

About 3 years ago I was standing in line to vote, talking to a neighbor. She introduced me to a another young lady in line with us as one of our “new” neighbors. The young lady informed me she had just move here from Baton Rouge, La. My first question was, “I bet you love good food” A few minutes later she was telling me about a new seafood shop right around the corner.

I had seen them fixing up the old gas station and noticed it was a “seafood market”. But for some reason I had yet to stop by. Well, my new friend said they had really good poboys. I knew, being from Baton Rouge, she new what she was talking about.

So I voted and went straight to this shop. It is run by a Vietnamese couple from my home town of Mobile, Al. Since it was my first visit, I didn’t chat these guys up right away. No, first things first, I went home to eat. I have never been the same.

This was by far the best poboy I had ever eaten. It is made on a bun about 6″ long. The bread is good, not to hard and not to soft. Ketchup, tartar, pickles, lettuce and tomato are layered with 8 to 10 large fresh fried shrimp. The sandwich is not huge, but for a 6″ bun that’s a lot of shrimp. And at $4 each it is cheap.

Needless to say Lee, Kim, Laura and Jaybird have become my good friends and we are on more then a first name basis. I am in there 3 or 4 times a week. I have sent everyone I can think of up there for a poboy and tell them to let ‘em know Tracy sent you.

I have gotten to know everyone up there and take them a cold six pack every now and then. I can’t believe Kim and Lee, the owners are from my hometown. It really is a small world.

There is lots more to the shop than just the poboy. They have a buffet of southern foods and it’s also delicious. Sometimes I have something other than the poboy, but not often. Lee drives to Mobile once a week to get fresh seafood. But I am sure some of it comes form local distributors. Like the Snow and King crabs they offer.

I am sure there is a really interesting story behind Kim and Lee’s life and maybe one day I can sit with them and learn more about them. Til then I’m just gonna keep eating.

Washington Seafood Market 1765 Washington Road 404 768 2914

Tell them Tracy sent ya.

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