Monday, August 13, 2007

monday report

Going north on I -85 towards Atlanta, exit 114 Georgiana, Kenkades Bar b que, right next to the B.P. station. “howlin good” so says the sign.

The sound of the trains, at night, in mobile on Roper st. One day I will figure out how far it is from the tracks to the bed I spent years sleeping in, listening to the trains. The squeak of the steel on steel, along with the whistles and horns, and then Atlanta and all the tracks.

Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy O’Toole. Great read on New Orleans.

So another week, another weekend. Stacey and I went to see the Kingsized Orchestra. Big Mike and his always wild shows. This was a tribute to the King. Elvis that is. He died about 30 years ago on august 16. Mikes been doing this show for years.

He has 11 musicians, 4 or 5 dancers, 3 backup singers and a midget dressed like Elvis. The band is really good. Lots of horns and a great guitar player. Big Mike doesn’t dress like Elvis. He is not an impersonator

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