Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pig in the ground

I say that, but that’s not the way it is. There is a pig and there is the ground. We cook the pig, but not in the ground. Lot’s of folks do cook pigs in a hole, in the ground. Very Latin American. I dig it, LOL, really it makes sense. I have come up with an above ground method that mimics the hole in the ground method. I have practiced it three time and always ended up with good pig. So when a the Chef and another friend started talking bout cooking a pig we made a date and divided up the chores.

First thing you do is get a Chef, get ya a pretty one like this guy if you can!


So I go to Home Depot and buy about 40 cement blocks. I use a couple $9 sheets of corrugated metal and I need two, six foot pieces of re-barb. I need a rack as well. I either buy some fence material or go by a junk store and buy the racks out of an old refrigerator. Tom Waits would use an old wire box-spring from some old bed outta some old boardinghouse. In East Saint Louis. Under a bridge. You get it, you know what I mean, right? I need a roll of wire as well and wire cutters. I need tin snips for the sheet metal.

So I lay the blocks out to fit the pig, about a foot larger then the pig, going both ways. I line the floor of this box with sheet metal, cut to fit. I line one, maybe two walls of the box also. The pig is either wrapped in the fence and wired to the re-barb which is longer then the box so the re-barb sits on the top row of blocks and allows you to flip the pig. If you use racks instead of wire fence you want to splay the pig between two racks. Then you wire the racks together and then wire the re-bard to the racks. You should remove a block from each side, from the bottom row. This will allow air to move through and stoke your colas. Use a small piece of sheet metal to block each hole to control the heat.

So now you just start your fire, one pile of coals on each end of box. Once coals are ready place pig on the fire, cover with a piece of sheet metal or tin foil and cook to internal temp of about 160 degrees.

Don’t forget to invite lot’s of people to help consume the pig.

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