Friday, August 22, 2008

Pick a little, talk a little

Least you think all we did on this trip was eat, let me steer you straight dear reader. We also enjoyed many adult beverage’s. Ice cold vodka martinis were the drink of choice come cocktail hour. Sure there was wine, beer, tequila and the likes, and I tried it all, but theres nothing like an ice cold vodka martini or two especially when you have nothing to do the next day.

Stacey and I, being the outdoor enthusiast we are spent lot’s of time on the go. For example I moved from the couch in the den to the chaise lounge on the deck three or four times a day. I got plenty of exercise walking briskly from the sun deck to the bar to the kitchen to the bedroom back to the bar and then back out to the sun deck. Try staying on the move like that and see if it doesn’t wear you out and cause you to long for an ice cold beer.

One afternoon we hired a lobster boat to take us out for a ride. The captain spent about an hour with us, just tooling around the harbor and showing us just how lobster is trapped, which lobsters you can keep and those you got to throw back. He took us to Walker Point and we all waved to Bush 41. He was very friendly and waved back. He and Barb invited us up to the house for drinks and snacks, but someone on our boat didn’t meet security clearance requirements so Secret Service would not let us come ashore. Anyway Mom had been drinking lot’s of beer and with the way she feels about Bush 43 it was best we didn’t get to close.


One afternoon Stacey and I rode bikes over to Walker Point, but security wouldn’t let us in. I told them our name was on the list and he was like “what list” and I’m like ” you know what list” and he was like ” you got one second to leave” and I was like “ok”. I guess I showed him. Anyway John D and Anne’s place was a lot nicer then Walker Point, so there.

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