Monday, August 25, 2008

The long way home

If you ever get a buddy-pass from a friend to travel on make sure this person is actually your buddy. That or travel with Stacey. If the person that you have received that buddy-pass from is your friend they will give you more than just the pass. If they are your friend they will give you lessons on how to use the pass once your original flight plans go out the window. Now days that’s almost a given with the number of flights that have been cut out as the airlines try to fill their planes with paying customers. The person handing out these passes should know this and inform you of the dangers of flying standby.

My Aunt and her husband got in a jam on the way home, they had no idea what to do and would have rented a car in Portland, Me. if they had not been traveling with Stacey and me. That’s a long car ride, I bet they would still be on the road today and I can’t imagine what the fuel would have cost them. But, once they relaxed and we talked them off the ledge, I mean out of the rental car, Stacey went into action and got us all home. Sure we had to rent a car and drive to Boston, that was our backup plan from the get go. Sure we got to Boston and the flights to Atlanta were full, no room for the buddy-pass. Sure we had to fly to Washington and spend the night at Anne and John D’s other home. Sure we had to share that house with three people who were already staying there, but we still had a bedroom and bathroom each. There were good restaurants nearby, we were 10 minutes from the airport and the flights looked good enough to get us all to our final destination the next day.

So that’s about how it went, but to hear us all moan and groan about all this, as it was happening, you would have thought we had rented a car and were driving for 15 hours or so. Looking back, it wasn’t that bad and I’m not sure what the hurry was, there was me, Stacey and 4 senior citizens and none of them had a job they had to be at.

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