Thursday, July 12, 2007

Panama - Day Three

We wake, make coffee and hit the beach, all before 8AM. We want to see if the fisherman have their nets out and sure enough, there’s a group in either direction, working the nets. We walk in the direction of the group we have never seen before. They are younger and catch far less than the other group we have seen. It appears they have to pay off the police, who stand around and watch until the nets are up, and then help themselves to two plastic bags of fish.

This is our last day, we must leave early in the morning for a Noon flight. We decided to find a bar (we had read about online) and try the burger they bragged about. XS Memories Sports Bar is about one mile from where we are.

Hanging outThe burgers are OK, but the wild life on display was much better. Toucans, parrots, squirrel monkeys and lots more birds in large cage all over the well kept grounds. Worth the 5 minute drive and the price of a burger & beer ($4.50). The owners are Americans and were having a fund raiser the next day for local school.

Back to #11. Beach, beers, cigars and relaxing. Trying not to think about leaving tomorrow, But at the same time talking about somewhere new to go.

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