Friday, July 13, 2007

The Front Porch

I did not grow up with a front porch but I have always thought of a porch as being truly Southern. Neighbors relaxing on their front porch, observing the neighborhood, speaking to folks as they walk by, waving to those they know. Inviting friends up to sit and chat. Catching up on each others lives. Sharing thoughts on past events and plan future meetings.

In todays world it’s a nice place to slow down. Get out of that fast-paced work, drive home, take the kids to soccer routine. At forty three, I am the proud owner of a front porch in the south. It happens to be attached to a great house built in 1917, but, that’s another story.

We keep a table and chairs, candles, and music speakers on the porch. Neighbors come by at various times. Some visit for a few minutes, others stay for hours. Both are very much welcome.

Meals are sometimes cooked on the porch. Fried oysters, grilled hamburgers or maybe a shrimp boil. Pupu platters of cheese, olives and bread. Listening to our neighbors talk about their kids. Tuning in a Sunday evening radio show called “This American Life”. Having a glass of wine waiting for the kids to come trick or treating at Halloween. Reading the newspaper, while sipping coffee. Talking on the phone with family in Alabama. All from my front porch.

Living in the South allows me a lot of happy times on my porch. Weather permits many days and nights enjoyed outside.

I love my time on the front porch.

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