Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On the other hand….

When I started writing this blog I decided I would not go negative, not to much anyway. But, every once in a while ya just have to say it out loud. So I did and now it’s back to the world of denial. I like it there, I have fun living there.

Saturday afternoon Stacey, Pilot and I drove a little over an hour south to Pine Mountain Ga. We went to the Jenny Jack Farm for a farm dinner and fund raiser for the Slow Food chapter here in the Atlanta area. Talk about farm to table, you couldn’t get any closer then this. There was a lot of food come dinner time and most of it was grown right there on the farm we were eating at. And I do mean on the farm, just check out this photo of the table set up for dinner.

This was 1 of 2 tables they had set up for the 150 or so folks who had signed up to attend this dinner. The money they were raising Saturday night was to send some local Slow Food members to Terra Madre. Terra Madre is a huge conference held every other year. It’s membership is made up of food producers, chefs and educators from all over the world. Over 6ooo people will attend this event. Terra Madre is held in Turin, Italy, the last weekend of October 2008. It’s a big damn deal and I think it has done very good job of educating the masses. Check out the two sites, Slow Food and Terra Madre.

Dinner was great, we had a salad of arugula and whole fried okra pods with green goddess dressing. We enjoyed Jenny Jack brand grits. Mike Atkins cooked a hog, low and slow. We had jambalaya. We a couple of vegetable dishes straight from the farm, tons of fresh baked bread and sweet tea.

Eric Arceneaux, of the Big Eddy Club, cooked a lot of the food and also did a grits cooking demo. There was a storyteller and a couple of farm tours. It was big fun. And I guarantee you there is a farm dinner happening somewhere near you and with a little home work you can find it.

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