Friday, October 3, 2008


Last night we went to the beautiful Fox Theater to let Lewis Black make us laugh. And he did, but we could have just as easily cried.

If you know of Black and his sthick then you know he rants about all the bullshit happening to us “regular folk”. He riffs on Bush of course and he talks about the war we started for no good reason. He talks about how the two presidential candidates are clueless. How neither has anything useful to add to a solution for the financial crisis we are in. He talked about how neither Obama or McCain and it seems anyone else that should have, had any idea that it was even coming. He put it all in a way to make us laugh, but the sad truth was there the whole time.

I’m not gonna go on long here about the state of our nation, it sucks plain and clear and it happened because of greed, which makes it worse. So get your ass up outta bed everyday, be glad you got a job, if you have one. If not go to work for the government. The numbers on unemployment are staggering, that is for all but the government of our great nation. There are plenty of people in safe, secure, useless government jobs.

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