Friday, November 2, 2007


I love this city. No matter what time it is or where you are at in this city, you can open your window and you are gonna hear something. It is most likely gonna be the traffic, probably a bus, either stopping or accelerating, both cause a tremendous sound. You might hear people talking, you may not be able to make out what they are saying , but you can hear them.

We live, when we are in the city that is, directly behind a coffee shop. They import all their coffee from Puerto Rico. All day, everyday I smell some really good coffee being roasted and it stinks. It’s a fact, roasting coffee stinks, but later when they brew it, then it is pure haven.

It’s amazing the sounds of the city. It never stops here and that’s a good thing. I am sure if I woke one afternoon and all was quite, well then I would have to worry. I don’t know what I would do without this city. It is a center for me. I can reason with the insanity I hear and read about everyday when I have this city to bounce it all off of. It’s like this place is so, so large, so loud, so fast, that all pales in comparison. And it ain’t like I am even trying to compare. I been places, I ‘ve seen things and none of it compares.

Last night at the hot-dog stand, Grays Papaya that is, we were just standing there eating our dogs, minding our own business when in comes this tall guy with a camera crew. Well he’s some famous chef and they are doing a little work for his weekly show. But he’s causing a scene and no one can really move or enjoy their dogs. Next thing you know, two guys who are part of the neighborhood street gang start yelling at these guys, telling them to get their camera and crew out of there and let us all just enjoy our dogs. The chef and crew, in true NYC style just ignored them, so the guys from the gang beat their ass and sent them on their way with a bloody nose and a broken camera. This city is on my side!

A friend shared this site with me, check it out. These are flat chalk drawings the appear to be 3D!

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