Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I don’t know why we like to scare each other. I wonder if it’s a southern thing or does everyone, everywhere like a good scare? I wonder if other countries celebrate Halloween by scaring each other? I don’t think so.


In China, Halloween is called Tend Chiech. In Hong Kong it is called Yue Lan, it is know as the festival of the hungry ghost. In Mexico Halloween is known as “El Dia de los Muertos” it is a joyous day, a day to remember those pasted. Hell, France doesn’t even celebrate any holiday like Halloween. Most countries celebrate Halloween as some kind of nod towards the dead. Down here in my south, we get drunk and scare little kids.

It’s been happening for a few years now. It started small, Stacey and I, well just I, got board just handing out candy one Halloween and took it to the next level. I put on this old man mask I had and hid in the bushes. The rest is history.

And tonight we plan on making more history. Stacey has got a few new toys for us to use to scare anyone dumb enough to come to our front door. She bought a fog machine, a ghost that runs up and down a line between two trees and a really scary witch that screams and dances and lights up. I will take a photo and post it tomorrow.

This has gotten to be an event and we don’t even have to invite friends, they just show up for the show. Lots of guys now come dressed up and ready to help. They are rewarded with a beer and a bowl of homemade gumbo, if they do a good job!

So whatever you do tonight- DON’T SHOW UP AT MY HOUSE!

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