Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NOLA Revisited

I could go again and again and again and……. but you get the idea. If your like me and you like old things, good food, strange people, good music and cool bars than ya gotta love New Orleans. We are on our way back there this Saturday. To see the Mardi Gras Indians again. It will be only our second time to see the Indian gangs and their scouts and fly boys. Last year the uptown Indians were the only gang to parade, this year we get to see the Downtown parade. I hope so any way because it’s hard to get info on the Indians and they do what they want when they want. They have no parade permit, they have no set route, they have no set date. This makes it kind of hard to find them. We are actually very lucky this year. I thought they would parade the first Sunday after St. Joesph day, which I think is this Sunday the 22nd. But I read in the New Orleans News Paper, online of coarse, that they were due to parade last Sunday and got rained out. So we’ve been planning on this weekend for a while and had the date wrong the whole time. Good thing. That’s Wabi Sabi for ya right there.

At this point I have no idea where we will eat. This is a huge decision. It requires lot’s of research. I’ve been using the New Orleans news paper, TheTimesPicayune, for that research as well. There is tons of info on food and drink and where to get it. Currently there is both a bar and a dining guide offering hundreds of places. And I love reading about all these restaurants. New Orleans has got to be one of the best food cities in the world. I had some idea of where I thought I would like to eat, but after reading some of the dining guide I now have no idea. I do know I want to go to Tujague’s for a bloody mary, maybe some food.

We are also going to try and see Spencer Bohren play at the botanical gardens Sunday evening. The gardens are in city park and we have never been there. The park looks really large on the map. Mr. Bohren is a musician with a very interesting background. You should click on his name and read a little about him. The last time I heard him was about 30 years ago at a little bar named Judge Roy Bean. It was in Montrose, Al. and a friend in high school had a brother who ran the place. We were in high school, drinking free Heineken’s, listening to Spencer Bohren sing and play all these old, beautiful guitars. Those were the day’s!

This is a photo taken by Stacey. It is from the uptown Indian Parade we went to last year. I think I may try and paint this guy.

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